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Ebo highly focuses on technology innovation and has developed a wide range of technologies in the field of wastewater treatment. With these patented technologies, Ebo has the capability to offer better solutions in variety of industries.
E2NRTM: Energy Efficient Nutrient Removal System

E2NRTM is a high efficiency, and low energy consumption biological wastewater treatment modular integrated solution developed by EBOEP, composing low energy consumption biochemical sewage treatment technology, and process packages.

UAEBTM: Upflow Anaerobic Expanded Bioreactor

The upflow anaerobic expanded bioreactor (UAEBTM) generates sludge bed expansion in low-concentration municipal sewage through accurate anaerobic control, and realizes the real COD methanation, and resource recovery.

EBO-SNDTM: Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification

The traditional nitrogen removal process consists of aeration, and COD consumption, but domestic wastewater generally has the problem of low C / N ratio.

EACRTM: Enhanced Anaerobic Carbon Recycle System

EBOEP used the self-developed anaerobic hydrolysis treatment control technology, and new reactor design to jointly ferment the waste sludge from the secondary clarifier with large particles of organic matter from the primary clarifier.

UHASB Upflow Hydrolysis Acidification Reactor

UHASB ferments, and decomposes insoluble, and soluble long-chain organics which are difficult to degrade into short-chain soluble organics through anaerobic hydrolytic bacteria, and acidizing bacteria.

EBO-AOPTM: Catalytic Oxidation Technology

EBO-AOPTM catalytic oxidation technology including EBO-O3TMEBO-Fenton

EBO-AerationTM: Low-energy Consumption System of Aeration

It provides different types of diaphragm type micro millimeter aeration system, such as tube type, disc type, plate type, belt type etc., as well as anti scaling jet aeration system.