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EBO-DNFTM: Denitrification Filter

Compared with the traditional denitrification filter, EBO-DNFTM denitrification filter makes full use of SCOD and VFAs produced in the process of sludge hydrolysis and acidification as the high-quality carbon source required by denitrification filter, realizes the recycling of surplus sludge and greatly reduces the operation cost of denitrification. In addition, compared with using quartz sand and ceramsite as filter materials, the specific surface area and denitrification efficiency of EBO-DNFTM denitrification filter are greatly improved by using the organic filter materials developed by Ebo environmental protection.

The technology adopts the integration of constant water level, reduces the loss of water temperature, effectively denitrifies in low temperature environment, removes more than 10mg / L of total nitrogen, avoids the phenomenon of oxygen filling in water, effectively saves carbon source, reduces operation cost, prevents blocking, zero maintenance, and saves more than 20% of backwash water.